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The policy will indemnify any act committed by the insured, who shall be a Registered Medical Practitioner, giving rise to any legal liability to Third Parties. The Insured includes the policy holder and his qualified assistants or employees named in the proposal. The act has to be committed during the period of insurance commencing from the retroactive date. In the normal course all claims for compensation have to be legally established in a court of law. However, insurers may arrive at compromised settlement if prima-facie liability exists under the policy. Jurisdiction applicable will be Indian Courts.

The limit of indemnity granted under the policy for any one accident or any one year (per accident per policy year ) will be identical.

No short period policies are permitted. However, in case of cancellation of the policy by the Insured short period scale rates as provided for will be applicable.

Registered Medical Practitioners shall be classified as :-

  1. Physicians
  2. Pathologists
  3. Oncologists
  4. Cardiologists
  5. Psychiatrists
  6. Radiologists or Roentgenologists
  7. General Surgeons
  8. Plastic Surgeons
  9. Orthopedics Surgeons
  10. Urologists
  11. Abdominal Surgeons
  12. Thoracic Surgeons
  13. Neuro-Surgeons
  14. Cardio-Vascular Surgeons
  15. Otorhinolaryngologists
  16. Proctologists’
  17. Ophthalmologic Surgeon
  18. Ophthalmologic Physician
  19. Obstetrician & Gynecologists (Excluding Surgery)
  20. Physician & non-specialist
  21. Other Practitioner-describe Surgeon fully.